EOPH is pleased to work with inspirational partners to offer clients a full spectrum of workplace health capability. 

Spanning occupational health, ergonomics, fostering healthy workplaces, holistic wellbeing programs, and collaborative efforts with medical practitioners, together we cover a broad spectrum to improve work environments and deliver comprehensive health solutions.

Discover more about why we work with our chosen partners.



ACHIEVA acknowledges the indispensable role that Occupational Health and Occupational Therapy specialists play in upholding employee well-being and workplace efficiency.

These specialists excel not only in averting work-related health issues but also in actively contributing to the formulation of policies that foster healthier work environments.

Their OH and OT professionals demonstrate exceptional skill in delivering vital treatments to expedite individuals’ recovery and facilitate their return to work following health challenges. Moreover, they ensure that organisations maintain stringent compliance with pertinent laws and regulations, providing essential evidence for tribunals and legal claims when required.

In the wake of the transformative impact of the pandemic on the global landscape, workplaces have had to adapt to a new set of norms. In this ever-evolving scenario, ACHIEVA takes pride in supporting businesses as they strive to cultivate a robust, healthy, and productive workforce.

They achieve this by facilitating the placement of highly qualified Occupational Health and Therapy specialists who bring expertise, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence to every workplace they serve.

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Amplivox are an ISO 13485 accredited company based in the UK. Established in 1935, Amplivox has 85 years of proven experience in the design, manufacture, supply and support of medical equipment on a global basis.

The range has been extended to include a full range of OH equipment, accredited training and calibration services for most OH equipment.

Our mission is to be the most trusted ‘go-to’ partner in the delivery of class-leading screening and diagnostic solutions.

We do this by supplying hearing healthcare professionals with the most effective and accessible solutions to enhance their capabilities, providing best-in-class training and support along the way.



Since 2016, Mindshift Consultancy has been providing expert guidance, support and education to enable organisations to create and maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

This is achieved via tailored and off-the-shelf courses within organisations and also to Occupational Health Practitioners.

Online Ergonomics

Online Ergonomics

Online Ergonomics supplies ergonomic seating, desks, office accessories and assistive technology solutions. 

From their modern, purpose-built offices and warehouse in Beccles, Suffolk, Online Ergonomics utilises a fleet of vehicles and their own trained and experienced installers to deliver and install goods and provide after-sales services throughout the UK.

Online Ergonomics are one of the leading distributors of office and specialised DSE equipment across the UK to end user clients and resellers, offering solutions to other ergonomic resellers to meet the needs of their clients.

Online Ergonomics also provide training in the use of equipment and software through their national network of accredited trainers and software engineers.

Online Ergonomics Limited is proud to have worked alongside many Government, Access To Work (ATW), educational (DSA), financial, health care and ‘blue-chip’ companies for many years. As part of the growth of the company, Online Ergonomics offers a nationwide assessment service. The assessment service allows the client the opportunity to have their staff attended to on a case-by-case basis ensuring a full holistic approach.

The added piece of mind with the assessment service is to ensure that education around DSE best practices is provided with any on site adjustments made whilst performing the assessment. This assessment model allows our clients full peace of mind and ensures that only necessary product recommendations are made.

Panda Medical

P&A Medical Limited

P&A Medical is a leading provider of calibration, repair, servicing, and supply services for Occupational Health equipment. Our platform, which can be accessed through a mobile, tablet, or computer, is clinically proven to be effective.

This approach effectively eliminates prolonged downtime and the risk of damage to delicate equipment.

Our operational staff is based at the Head Office of P&A Medical Ltd, located in Duxbury Park, Lancashire, alongside our accomplished team of in-house engineers. This setup caters to clients who still prefer to utilise our back-to-base calibration service.

Our clients frequently describe our services as “first-class,” “exceptional,” “courteous,” and “easy to deal with.” These accolades accurately reflect our core values.

When we collaborate with our clients, we ensure they receive exceptional products and an unparalleled level of service. We continually assess our practices to enhance the value we provide to our clients.

Our commitment to customer service, combined with the knowledge and efficiency of our sales and administration teams, alongside the expertise of our engineers, positions us as the largest and most trusted calibration service provider in the UK.



We provide Corporate holistic health & wellbeing programmes delivered digitally through our Raiys App. The team at Raiys work with all sizes of businesses in all sectors, ranging from 10 employees up to circa 200,000 employees.

The services we provide identify common health themes through intuitive reporting. We offer personalised assessments, tailored support and content, and behavioural change tools to create more positive measurable health outcomes.

Innovation is at the heart of our business and Raiys has a collaborative team of developers and expert clinicians to ensure the services we provide not only support our clients’ current needs but also address future challenges they may have.



We empower individuals to think and feel better, faster, through personalised, interactive programmes matched to the participants needs. 

Individuals can access the SilverCloud platform confidentially and of an app on their mobile, tablet, or computer.

Our platform is clinically proven to provide face-to-face therapy at a fraction of the cost with up to 80% of users showing improvement depression.

The platform can be used as a skill building tool to manage mental health and wellbeing whilst awaiting your next therapy appointment, in conjunction with existing therapy sessions, or a toolkit post therapy.


The Society of Occupational Medicine is for all healthcare professionals working in or with an interest in occupational health (OH) – including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and technicians.

Member benefits include the Journal of Occupational Medicine, insurance, free webinars, and a Nurse Appraisal Toolkit.

The SOM stimulates interest in OH through an annual awareness week – 18 – 24th September.

It works with government, the healthcare community, and others to promote a healthier workforce. It acts as the voice of OH, responding to consultative documents and media enquiries and is a national leader in providing CBD.