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360 Health Professional (360 HP)

360 HP is a multisource feedback tool designed to be relevant to healthcare professionals whether they work independently or in NHS practice. It can survey both colleagues and patients depending on the need of the healthcare practitioner.

The 360 HP Stakeholder questionnaire is based on a questionnaire used in the business sector by stakeholders to provide objective feedback on performance, which can be used for professional development of that individual.

The 360 HP Patient questionnaire has been developed from the GMC patient questionnaire.


The Questionnaires

The statements that make up the stakeholder questionnaire have been mapped to the GMC domains and competencies to ensure their relevance to the GMC’s publication ‘Good Medical Practice” and provides more detailed feedback than the current GMC questionnaire for peers. The GMC have confirmed the mapping as appropriate and recommended piloting carried out in 2013.  The questionnaire is generic and can be used for any health professional whether they see patients or not.

For individuals who wish to use the GMC Colleague & Patient Questionnaires instead of EOPH 360 HP, these are also available on the same system and can be purchased at the same cost as the 360 HP questionnaires.

The System

The questionnaires are delivered using a system developed by Track Empower 360 Key Team who have been designing and delivering 360 Degree Feedback and other performance related programmes online for the past 10 years. The system provides a data collated from the questionnaires in the form of a report, which gives the individual in-depth validation of their performance and informs their further development needs.

The 360 Degree Evaluation Process

The process starts with the individual completing a self-review.  The individual then choses and enters the e-mail addresses of nominated colleagues/stakeholders and the system sends out automated e-mails at weekly intervals until the end date set in the system which is usually 4 weeks, but where not enough feedback has been obtained to provide a reliable report, this deadline can be extended. Further information on the role of the reviewee and the reviewer can be found here:  

360 HP Guidelines (Reviewee)

360 HP Guidelines (Reviewer)

Once the reporting period is completed, the individual is notified that their report is ready to be viewed and they can access the report.  It is advised that they share this report with their appraiser/educational supervisor or someone who can help them identify any learning needs from the feedback.  A reflective template is accessible in the system to record the outcome of any reflection and/or discussion and any identified areas for development. If patients/employees are included in the process this feedback is added to the report.