Achieving Strategic Alignment

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”

~ Peter Drucker

Delivering Strategy Through Execution – The How?

Quality delivers.

How does your organisation embrace the continuous improvement cycle and what might it deliver? How does you harness creativity and innovation to improve products and services? And how do you operationally plan and implement change?

John P Kotter refers to incremental, transitional and transformational change all of which can enhance business outputs if mapped to strategic outcomes. Understanding how the internal operations of your company work and how the principles of continuous improvement apply to all aspects of the processes within the organisation can lead to significant return on investment.

Our courses will develop an excellent understanding in operational planning and the continuous improvement cycle which when applied throughout the organisation can deliver incremental innovation improving financial performance. An understanding of the use of root cause analysis in fault identification and timely response to feedback from customers will result in improved customer satisfaction in addition to enhanced business performance.

The efficient delivery of products and services comes from applying skills that span the four business pillars embedded in an organisation. Achieving alignment between processes delivering internal operations and strategic objectives whilst applying the principles of quality management, continuous improvement and change is essential in improving productivity and future proofing the organisation.


  • Business Strategy and Organisations
    • Understanding Internal Operations
      • Legal Framework and the Role of Management
        • Managing Risk
          • QMS and Incremental innovation
            • Implementing Change
              • Harnessing Innovation and Creativity
                • Delivering an Operational Plan
                  • Understanding Root Cause Analysis
                    • Embracing the Continuous Improvement Cycle

The eight principles of Quality as published in ISO 09001:2015:

1. Customer focus
2. Leadership
3. Involvement of people
4. Process approach
5. System approach to management
6. Continuous improvement
7. Factual approach to decision making
8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships