Website Accessibility

Font (colour, size)

We always apply clear, legible font across text sections and page headings.

If our font is too large or small for you to read, increase all the content on the website by holding the ‘CTRL’ (CMD on a Mac) and ‘+’ or ‘-’ keys on your keyboard.

Images, videos, multimedia

Our images, video files and any other multimedia have text equivalent data, as ‘alt’ tags.

This ensures descriptive attributes can be accessed during a website session, or a transcript provided. Some images are just for visual purposes and may not have an alt page applied.

Scripts, including iFrames

Some of our website pages use JavaScript to further improve usability and experience. 

We try to avoid the use of iFrames (content embedded on from other websites and platforms) as these can cause accessibility issues. 

Regularly update your browser

Whilst creating a website with great accessibility across all aforementioned areas of design is always our priority, this includes ensuring we use the latest software designed for the newest versions of all major browsers, for the best experience we recommend you keep your browser continually updated.

Major browsers, across Windows and Mac OSX, include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Mac OSX Safari.