EOPH-Prioritising education before profit

At EOPH we believe in supporting the development of the Occupational Health community.

EOPH operates as a social enterprise and a not-for-profit organisation,  dedicated to advancing education and training to support the professional development of the next generation of Occupational Health professionals.

Our commitment to social enterprise principles ensures the fidelity of our mission to promote access to excellent education across the sector.

We ensure that all of our courses are subsidised to support the development of Occupational health professionals.

We recognise the challenges of balancing a career with the financial responsibilities of family life and the demands of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

We aim to create courses and resources of the highest quality, to assist healthcare professionals in their occupational health journey, spanning from entry-level qualifications to support for MFOM and beyond.

Revenue generated from our courses are reinvested to advance the development of additional courses, aligning with our objective of providing accessible and affordable high-quality education.

We consistently deliver these offerings in the most cost-effective manner, ensuring you receive the best of both worlds. EOPH prioritises investing in YOU rather than solely focusing on maximising profits, providing the highest quality experience.

New bursary programme introduced!

We are delighted to unveil our upcoming bursary program, scheduled to commence in September 2024.

This initiative is designed to assist learners in overcoming personal financial obstacles they may encounter. The primary goal of this scheme is to support learners in covering course expenses, ultimately enhancing their professional development and advancing their careers.

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What People Are Saying

“Occupational Hygiene and Assessment, splendidly delivered”

Victor Ohize - MFOM Prep Course

“All (sessions) were excellent and have formed the foundation of my revision"

John Colvin - MFOM Prep Course

“Thank you - this course is a brilliant resource and really helps to focus revision in what is a very broad curriculum"

Dr Imogen Koopmans - MFOM Prep Course

“Very well presented, great discussions. Would recommend the course without hesitation”

Delegate Feedback - MFOM Prep Course

“Natalie (Green) and Dan (Burrow) have very good knowledge and are excellent teachers"

Dr Imogen Koopmans - MFOM Revision Course

“Some really good resources - thanks for enthusiastic delivery”

Michael Hagan - Mental Health Course

“…I really thought the course was fantastic "

Catherine Davenport - Mental Health Course

“it was a brilliant course”

Paula Lightowler - Mental Health Course

“Great course, and very informative"

Kamila Mclean - Mental Health Course

“Fantastic course, it was good to be able to undertake training relevant to the OHT role”

Cat Davenport - Tech Course

“The course was very informative"

Lisa Cooke - Tech Course

“Keep making more courses! They have been fab”

Donna Payne - Revision Course


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