Why we run EOPH as a social enterprise

social enterprise

EOPH provides clinical training specifically designed for occupational health professionals by occupational health professionals. While we believe we offer excellence, relevance and affordability we also do it very much with a social conscience. We prioritise education over profit.

That’s because we are run as a social enterprise. This not only makes us different in the field of occupational health training, it also means we can give something back to the profession. In this article we cover what a social enterprise is and what this means to us – and those who train with us.

What does a social enterprise do?

A social enterprise is a business which trades for a social or environmental purpose. In the UK there are more than 131,000 businesses with social enterprise status of which EOPH is one. Research shows that ‘social enterprises are more representative of wider society than other businesses, with a greater number being led by women and people from racialised communities’ (SEUK 2023).

Social enterprises, like any other business, want to make a profit and succeed in the commercial world. How they operate, who they employ and how they use their profits is what makes them, and us at EOPH, different.

There are some key elements to becoming a social enterprise that businesses must demonstrate. There needs to be a clear mission either social or environmental laid out in governing documents. At least half the profit must be reinvested, more than half its income must come from trading and all social enterprises should be transparent in the way they operate and the impact they have.

Our priority at EOPH

We want to support the development of the Occupational Health Community so that everyone is able to access high quality education based on the latest research in the field. Revenue generated from our courses are reinvested to advance the development of additional courses, aligning with our objective of providing accessible and affordable high-quality education. Our commitment to social enterprise principles ensures we are able to promote access to excellent education across the sector.

And what does this mean for you?

This means we ensure that all of our courses are subsidised to support the development of Occupational health professionals. We recognise the challenges of balancing a career with the financial responsibilities of family life and the demands of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

EOPH prioritises investing in YOU rather than solely focusing on maximising profits, providing the highest quality experience at the lowest cost.

Who are we?

Led by Drs Nikki and Robin Cordell, our faculty team come from a wide range of Occupational Health areas as well as other areas such as psychology, neurodiversity and physiotherapy, all of which tie into the world of occupational health, and all are experts in their field.

They are able to deliver educational material using a practical problem-solving approach. All training is tailored to the occupational health sector to ensure that it is relevant to the context of the learner.

Want to know more?

Why not visit our brand new website and find out more about our evidence-based, affordable education, meet the team and see what others are saying about occupational health training with EOPH.